Welcome to the Future of Collective Intelligence

Earn $COMPUTE with Your C3ID

Your C3ID is not just your identity in the Cybernetic Consciousness Collective (C3) — it's your gateway to participating in and benefiting from the growth of our decentralized neural network, NeuraGenesis.

Contribute and Earn:

  1. Activate Your C3ID: Begin by activating your C3ID within our PWA. This is your first step towards becoming an integral part of the C3 ecosystem.

  2. Commit Processing Power: Allocate a portion of your Cognitive Compute to NeuraGenesis by locking in your C3ID. The more you contribute, the more you earn.

  3. [Coming Soon] Stake $COMPUTE: Lock in your earned $COMPUTE to help secure the network and, in return, receive staking rewards.

  4. Enhance Your C3ID: Upgrade your C3ID with cybernetic enhancements that boost your earning potential.

  5. Continuous Earning: Your active C3ID will earn $COMPUTE with every block, proportional to your contribution to the network's computational power.

Unpack Your Digital DNA:

  • Cybernetic Implants: Your C3ID is bundled with a diverse range of cybernetic implants, each enhancing different aspects of your digital and cognitive prowess within the network.

  • Enhancements: Beyond basic implants, your C3ID may include rare enhancements that amplify your abilities, from increased computational output to advanced neural connectivity.

  • Base Inventory: Your C3ID comes with a foundational inventory — the essential gear and tools that set the stage for your activities and interactions within the C3 ecosystem.

The "Loot" Dynamic:

  • Randomized Attributes: Following the "Loot" model, attributes of each C3ID are generated randomly, providing a unique combination of traits, implants, and gear that can influence your role and status in the C3 collective.

  • Open-Ended Utility: Just as "Loot" items have no predefined purpose, your C3ID's elements are open-ended, inviting you to explore, interpret, and utilize them in innovative ways as the ecosystem evolves.

  • Community-Driven Significance: The value and utility of your C3ID attributes are not just personal but also shaped by the C3 community, fostering a dynamic economy where your decisions, alliances, and trade can shape the narrative and utility of the items you possess.

The Power of Fractionalization:

  • Trade Fractions: Can't commit to a full C3ID? No problem! You can buy or sell fractions of a C3ID, thanks to the DN404 standard.

  • Full Ownership Advantage: Remember, only full C3ID holders can activate and earn $COMPUTE. Fractional holders can accumulate towards a full C3ID to participate.

Coming Soon:

  • Progressive Web Application (PWA) Launch: Our PWA is launching soon, making it seamless to manage your C3ID and track your $COMPUTE earnings.

  • Transparent Earnings: Check your earnings in real-time, with complete transparency and security.

  • Factions: Team up with your brethren and claim back the glory through social games played through X, Farcaster and other social media.

  • RPG Game: An MMORPG game inspired by AI Dungeon.

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