$C3ID Tokenomics

Total Supply: The total number of C3ID’s (DN404 Tokens) created is 10,000.

Liquidity Allocation: 90% of the total supply, amounting to 9000 tokens, is allocated to liquidity pools in two UNI V3 tranches. The variable range LP (amounting to 50% of the supply) is burnt upon launch. The second LP (amounting to 40% of the supply) would be added as an infinite range slightly after launch to adjust for volatility and ensure trading efficiency. Please find the detailed explanation below.

Minting on Uniswap V3:

  • By integrating C3ID minting directly on Uniswap V3, we embrace a novel mint mechanism that circumvents traditional constraints, allowing for real-time price discovery and liquidity depth. This approach minimizes common issues such as botting/sniping and ensures a fairer distribution process.

Liquidity Pool Structure:

  1. Initial Minting Pool (LP1): 5000 C3ID (50% of the supply) tokens are added to a liquidity pool with a price range of 0.02 - 0.04 ETH.

  2. Expansion Minting Pool (LP2): 4000 C3ID (40% of the supply) Tokens are added to a second liquidity pool with a price range of 0.04 - ∞ ETH.

Team Allocation: 10% of the total supply, which is 1000 tokens, is allocated to the team for development, marketing, and other project-related activities.

$COMPUTE Tokenomics

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